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Juice it 

On again, off again, and now it’s on again … the green juice diet! 

My friend just returned from a trip to the USA and was less than impressed by the results of the American hospitality. And I’m not just talking tight pants. The skin break outs, feeling sluggish and low energy have all kicked in on return. As much as us Aussies love everything to do with holidaying in America, we sometimes pay for it. 

And so she started the juice diet. And like magic, two weeks later, she’s back to her fabulous self. 

I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m  not big on any type of diet but in the name of the white skinny jeans, let’s do it!!! 

 Here is the recipe of what I’m up for for the next two weeks.   

   Who’s with me??? 
Keep smiling 😀

Don’t forget to follow my progress on @style_headquarters 

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