“Miracle” self tanner

After receiving a sample of the St Tropez in shower self tanner I was intrigued. The instructions said to apply it onto wet skin (in the shower), wait for 3min, rinse it off with warm water and pat dry. The colour would develop over the next few hours. 


I did exactly that for 4 days straight. I wanted to give it a really good try … And nothing happened. My skin felt moisturised but definitely not tanned. 

The result was dissapoiting as was the whole process. I’m not a big fan of having to wait for 3 min while getting progressively colder standing naked and wet in the shower. And 3 min take so long! That’s another problem, you need to have a timer handy, as trust me, it takes forever and I was tempted to turn the hot water on half way through. 

So I will not use it again. I’d rather spend the 20 min with my trusty self tanner and know I’ll be looking fabulous at the end of it. 


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