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Meeting Mr NARS

François NARS is a makeup God. A makeup artist and a photographer. A creative genius.  

He started his company in 1994 with a set of only 12 lipsticks and shooting his own advertising campaign. In 2000 he sold it to Shiseido and bought an island. But thankfully it didn’t end there. He still remains the creative driving force behind most of the artistic decisions, including the most recent amazing collaborations with Steven Klein and Christopher Kane. 

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Nars at an event organised by Mecca Cosmetica. It was held at their beautiful new store in Toorak Road, Melbourne. 

Amongst the champagne and gourmet canapés many excited makeup lovers lined up for an opportunity to meet their idol. I was lucky to be first in line. 

What a truly beautiful man. We had a short chat and talked about our backgrounds and families. So easy to talk to, so down to earth. He signed a copy of his book for me. We had a giggle when he made a mistake by writing down Sydney, instead of Melbourne. Oh well, it’s an original and one of a kind now. 


And then the shopping spree continued …  



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