Happy 1st Birthday Sephora Australia 

Today marks exactly 1 year since Sephora opened its doors in Sydney. To celebrate, Pitt Street was thrown a huge party featuring the beautiful Chloe Morello and including dancers, cupcakes, champagne and even a lipstick shaped birthday cake. But most importantly SephoraAus was making history by trying to break the Guinness World Record. And I was there. 

  Five makeup artists were to complete 119 makeovers within 1 hour. Previous record stands at 118. 

Registration to be part of the event opened at 10am. I’m not one for early morning lines so I casually strolled in at 10am. And yes a huge line. Do I stay, do I go? Of course I stayed!  

I was registered 156th. I wasn’t part of making history, nevertheless history was made. 135 makeovers completed in one hour. Congratulations SephoraAus!!!

  Everyone still got a complimentary makeover, a goodie bag, cupcakes and champagne. There were topless waiters, almost completely naked beautiful men promoting Benefit cosmetics and lots of other promotions. 

One of the best birthday parties I’ve been to.  

Happy Birthday Sephora Australia. And Thank You for finally coming to Melbourne!!!





4 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Sephora Australia ”

  1. this sounds so cool!! happy that you finally have a Sephora ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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