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I won the #bestbeautyflatlay competition

During the year Cleo & Dolly Magazines,  Lust Have It subscription beauty box, Brands Exclusive and Luxury Escapes were running a competition for a Best Beauty Flat Lay. And I won!

My entry was inspired by that month’s Cleo, which was all about summer and beauty. 

The prizes were amazing and I feel so gracious for everything I received. This was the most amazing experience and I’ve met so many lovely people along the way. 

First, a huuuge box arrived at my door. Inside was $2000 worth of cosmetics and beauty products from Lust Have It and a Marc Jacobs watch and Miu Miu sunglasses from Brands Exclusive. 

And if that wasn’t enough I also got an all paid trip to Sydney, courtesy of Luxury Escapes, to style my very own flatlay šŸ™€. 

First stop Lust Have It. I had a studio and a photographer at my disposal. After a treasure hunt throgh the props department we shot a  few combinations, which will be used for their advertising purposes 

Then it was off to Cleo. What an honour to hang out with the editor-in-chief, Lucy Cousins.  


I arrived in the middle of a fashion shoot. Too exciting! I would’ve been happy just to watch. But a break was called and I got to set up my shoot. 


This was a whole different level of styling. As it will be published, I had to think of the whole page spread including all the print that the art department will later add. 

So look out for March edition of Cleo. I’ll be featured on one of the pages šŸ˜€

I also received a 12 mth subscription to Cleo Magazine and Lust Have It box. 

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