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Cover FX Custom Blot Drops 

When the Cover FX Custom Blot Drops were released I thought all my prayers have been answered. I mean, it sounds too good to be true for us oily skin people, right?  You can now mattify any foundation??? WOW … Here is what I thought of them.

Cover FX claims that the drops reduce the look of shine, reduce the appearance of pores and create a mattified complexion. 

The non-drying, oil-absorbing, and shine-reducing drops can be applied before or after makeup or mixed with any of your liquid products, such as serum, moisturizer, primer, and foundation.  

I’ve tried all the different ways and some worked our better than others. 

1. Mix it with your favourite products.

I found this to be my least favourite way to use them. The drops can cause some foundations to separate and look like cottage cheese. Not cute! 

Once you find the product that mixes well it doesn’t just miraculously turn into a matte finish. But I found this to be a positive. My dewy foundations still retained their glow without looking oily and “wet”.  I found my whole face to stay the same level of dewy without my T-zone getting excessively oily and shiny. 

2. Used under foundation. 

I always use a primer so I applied the drops on top of my usual primer in my T-zone. This was my favourite way to use them and it worked with any type of foundation. This is a great way to manage an oily T-zone without changing the overall finish of the foundation. 

3. Used on top of foundation for instant results. 

The Custom Blot Drops are great for touch ups.  Just dab a drop over your oily area to transform your complexion to a (semi) matte finish. 

This would come in so handy in hot weather, regardless of whether you also used the drops underneath your foundation or not. Such a great way to avoid using powders through the day, especially in Summer. They will never make you look cakey. And amazingly, even if you have powdered before, they still work really well. The rule of no liquid on top of powder doesn’t apply here. Weird, I know. 

 Here is a little bit more information, taken directly from the Cover FX  website: 

“This versatile customization product balances skin—especially combination, oily, and acne-prone—with a complex of ingredients that controls excess oil, while exfoliating salicylic acid supports clear pores. Cucumber extract and papaya fruit help hydrate skin to keep it from feeling tight, while chamomile extract soothes and tones. The formula creates a silky-soft texture and, once applied, diffuses light to help blur the appearance of pores, fine lines, and other imperfections. ”

Note that the Custom FX drops contain Salicylic Acid, which is great for keeping those pores clean, but you may need to be cautious  if you’re sensitive to it. 

So overall, I don’t think they’re the absolute miracle I was expecting but they definitely work. It may just take a few trials with different products. I am now comfortable using them and will definitely continue to. 
Happy Blotting …

xxx M
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