REVIV3… The 3 step miracle to thicker hair

I’ve always had fine hair, but after my pregnancy I started losing well beyond the normal of 100 hairs a day. That was 4 years ago and I have never really recovered. My hair not only lacks volume but is lifeless and frizzy. I’ve always used volumizing shampoo and conditioners, but nothing seemed to work. Not even the expensive ones.

For the last five weeks I’ve been using the Reviv3 Procare System.

revive full kit

The Reviv3 Procare  is a 3 step system, clinically proven to grow healthy hair that is 3 times stronger in 30 days. Being a sceptic, I didn’t think that would happen. 

BUT … I have never seen such amazing results.

After the first wash I was not convinced. My hair felt kind of unruly, didn’t hold the style. I also got really concerned when my arm broke out in red patches. I’m not a sensitive type and never had a sensitivity reaction to anything, so this got me worried. I should’ve read the instructions though. The Treatment Spray increases local circulation and may cause temporary redness. It resolved completely within 30 minutes.

After only the second wash, my hair felt voluminous and bouncy. I was intrigued. The instructions say to wash every day, but one of the first things I noticed was that my hair was never really going oily at all. I did 2-3 washes a week as per usual and my hair has never looked better. I also stopped blocking the drain with all the hair I was losing in the shower. The real confirmation came from my hairdresser, when at my last appointment she asked me what I’ve been using because she’s never seen my hair look and feel better. Yesss!!!


The difference between the Reviv3 system and other volumizing shampoos is that this system is more of a skin care product. It treats the scalp and promotes a healthy hair growth environment, rather than just address the hair itself. It is suitable for many hair thinning concerns, including pregnancy, dieting, stress, loss from medications and chemotherapy. It can also be used for scalp concerns such as dandruff and build up of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which has been linked to balding in males. 

Step 1:  PREP – Cleanser Shampoorevive cleanser shampoo

Sulphate free formula, packed  with Glycoprotein, Vitamin Complex and naturally derived nutrients, that cleanse the scalp off product build up, DHT and environmental toxins.

The creamy formula feels very moisturizing and doesn’t cause the hair to feel coarse, like normal shampoos tend to do.


Step 2: PRIME – Moisturizing Conditioner revive moisture + conditioner

Formulated with Colour-Plex and Olive Leaf Extract, it moisturises the scalp and preserves colour (in case of colour treated hair). It also offers natural thermal and UV protection. This conditioner has a nice peppermint smell, very unusual for a hair care product, but very refreshing. It doesn’t feel too soft or slimy on the hair. Rather, it leaves the hair feeling moisturised and volumised.


Step 3: TREAT – Micro Activ3 Treatment revive micro active treatment

A leave in treatment which activates breakdown of environmental residue and DHT. It increases  microcirculation to the scalp thus promoting renewed hair growth, strength and shine. Be careful not to spray onto your face as it will turn your skin bright red for a good 30 – 45 minutes.


If you have been unhappy with your thinning hair, I highly recommend you try this system. It is available at http://www.reviv3.com. and they do ship internationally.


Till next time,



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This product was sent to me for a trial but I was not paid for my opinion. The review is based on my experiences.


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