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Serum for every occasion 

I first came across the V10 Plus brand at a beauty blogger event in Melbourne. Being a recently turned skincare junkie, their stand was a serum heaven for me. 

V10 Plus is a Japanese supplement skin care like no other. It’s a self-consultation system which recommends the most suitable treatment based on your skin’s condition.
There is a total of 11 serums, all packaged in attractive, coloured bottles, following the colour therapy principle. I love the attention to detail, very Japanese.

None of their products contain any parabens, artificial colours, mineral oils or chemical fragrances, and are all dermatologist tested. There’s a solution for every skin concern and type, including the most sensitive.

1. Bio Cell Serum – improves tired and ageing skin

2. Vit A Serum – improves rough, dry and dull skin

3. Pycnogenal Serum – improves stressed and damaged skin

4. Amino Serum – improves dry dull skin

5. Vit C Serum – improves the look, feel and balance of oily skin

6. Collagen Serum – improves ageing tired skin

7. Ceramide Serum – improves dry, sensitive and rough skin

8. Licorice Serum – soothes irritated, sensitive and inflamed skin

9. Hyaluronic Acid Serum – improves skin moisture content

10. Botanical Placenta Serum – improves blemished and uneven skin tone

11. Quasi Serum – corrects skin imprefections

For ease of use, the products are also divided into 5 individual series: Hydrating Series; Anti-Aging Series; Brightening Series; Acne Treatment Series; and Sensitive Series.

The most unique part is the Self-Consultation system. You are asked 30 questions about your skin concerns and according to your answers the most suitable serums are recommended.

I filled out my consultation sheet and was recommended to try the Bio Cell Serum and the Collagen Serum. I thought that was genius. It actually confirmed what I was thinking I needed from reading the descriptions first. (Even though I would love to cover myself in all 11! They all sound so good.)

I have incorporated the two serums into my daily skincare routine for just over a month now. I add 1 drop of each into my daily moisturiser and apply to my whole face and neck.

I’m very happy with the results. My skin was starting to show definite signs of ageing. I especially noted some textural changes around my mouth, which started to affect the wear of my foundation. All these areas have improved drastically. My skin looks smooth and plump.

Here is what v10Plus says about the two serums:

The Bio Cell Serum – stimulates the growth of collagen. Prevents wrinkles, uneven skin tone and repairs damaged skin cells for radiant younger looking skin.

Collagen Serum – Contains nutrient rich marine collagen that helps to maintain skin elasticity. Prevents and improves the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

I can confirm that that’s exactly what I thought they did and would recommend them to anyone looking for a natural supplement for their skin. For more information and pricing, visit

Till next time. 



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was gifted the products but was under no obligation to review them. 


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